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Paw patrol bouncy castle for hire in Sheffield
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Sheffield Inflatables is a family run business based in Bradway and Dronfield. We hire bouncy castles and inflatables all over Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

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Sheffield / Dronfield / Chesterfield / Rotherham

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Disco castles and domes for hire

Kids are always amazed when we turn up with a bouncy castle which has music and lights in.

No need to hire a DJ for your party. We can supply chart music or if you prefer , you can connect your own Bluetooth device.

See the video below.

Please check the space required. Measurements are under each castles description.

Available in Sheffield, Chesterfield and surrounding areas.

Watch the video below

Terms and conditions

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Princess Disco

Age limit - 12

13ft(w) x 19ft(l) x 10ft(h)

Space Required 15x 24ft

Price- £90

Disco with slide bouncy castle picture

Any artwork Disco (blue)

This is available in many different artworks-

Heroes - Paw Patrol - Frozen - Minions - Turtles - Peppa Pig - Mickey and Minnie mouse - Princess - Simpsons - SpongeBob - Ben&Holly - Unicorn - Thomas Tank -Pirates

Age limit-12

13ft(w) x 18ft(l) x 9.2ft(h)

Space Required: 15ft x 24ft

Price- £90

Works great indoors or outside.

extra large disco dome bouncy castle picture

XL Disco Dome

Age limit-15

14ft(w) x 18ft(l) x 12ft(h)

Space Required: 16ft x 24ft

Price- £110

Our large disco dome is great for larger parties or older children

Disco castle bouncy castle picture

X-Large Disco themed Castle

Age limit-12

15ft(w) x 15ft(l) x 12ft(h)

Space Required: 17ft x 20ft

Price- £90

Note: If hiring outside, the disco lights are not affective in direct sunlight. This castle must be placed so the sun does not shine directly inside (the front)

mini disco bouncy castle picture

Mini Disco Dome

Age limit-8

11ft(w) x 12ft(l) x 10ft(h)

Space Required: 13ft x 18ft

Price- £90

Please note the age limit on this unit.

Ideal for small gardens or venues.

X-Large Adult disco

Suitable for children and adults

15ft(w) x 15ft(l) x 13ft(h)

Space Required: 17ft x20ft

Price- £95

This is available in many different artworks-

Heroes - Paw Patrol - Frozen - Minions - Turtles - Peppa Pig - Mickey and Minnie mouse - Princess - Simpsons - SpongeBob - Ben&Holly - Unicorn- Thomas - Bride & groom - princess - Pirates

This has an open front, the effect of the disco light is not very good outside.

Works best indoors.

Xlarge celebration bouncy castle hire Sheffield and Chesterfield mobile
Xl Disco celebration bouncy castle hire Sheffield Chesterfield mobile

15ft(w) x 20ft(l) x 11.5ft(h)

Space Required: 17ft x 25ft

Price- £100

Includes lights and music.

See our ‘disco castles’ section for more information.

Lights effect are limited for outside hire. See video below.

 XL Disco ‘party time’ castle

Open front disco example 1 Open front disco example 2 Open front disco example 3

All castles with ‘disco’ in the title like the options above, come with a music system, lights and chart music included in the price.

You may have noticed across the website you can now turn most bouncy castles into disco castles. We have modified our bouncy castles so we can now fix a disco light at the top and a music system in the back wall. Open front castles like the ones pictured below let a lot of sunlight in, which makes the light not very effective for outside hires but still work fantastic indoors. It’s £10 extra for a disco light and £10 extra for a music system. On these castles we only provide the music system, not the music. You will need to connect your own device via Bluetooth or an aux cable, this can be via your phone, laptop or music device. If you would like us to supply chart music via our amazon kindle, there is a £5 charge.

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To book / check availability, you can call us on the numbers below or chat to us via our Facebook page.

Facebook chat link 0114 2367736 07902989694